While the banking world specially in the USA is experiencing an earthquake maybe is the right time to plan your xmas holiday away from the stock market news.

So from this online site our advice is that you search for your tickets as soon as possible specially if you are traveling with your family, Why?  Air tix for the Caribbean can get pretty expensive if you wait too much and is always good to plan ahead if you can.

We recommend you to use sites as if you are located in the US or if you want to go the internet cool way tendence try or which are very good search engines for your travel needs. Avoid to search for your tickets on the weekends, travel agencies on the web make prices more expensive at peak navigation times.

Once you have your ticket ready we can give you all the advice you need to get to any part of the Dominican Republic. If you have never been, you must check this part of the world, go with the local flow and just realize that important things in life can be very simple. If you have any questions just ask, we´ll be pleased to help you make your holiday experience special.

Having our offices in the pumping heart of Las Terrenas all year round give us that special feeling everyday which we hope we can transmit through our posts. We love this great country full of smiles everywhere.

So… Go ahead and book your ticket today, we´ll take care of the rest. If you want to rent a Quad, a Car, Excursions, Surf, KiteSurf, Mountain Bikes or a day Diving. We are here to help you make your holiday special.

So as said…  do not wait till last minute and pay triple for that flight ticket that could be only a few bucks if planned ahead.