Russian investors putting their money into international property

In we know the importance of this moment of the “Financial Crisis”, fluctuating stock markets and investors running away from the dramatics losses of their investments around the world and looking for safe investments as land for an instance or property in markets as the Real Estate in Dominican Republic.

We found this article on which matches with our believes:

Russians are investing heavily in overseas property buying in the French Riviera, Spain and Central London.

As the Russian stock market continues to suffer they are taking their money out of stocks and shares and looking for prestigious properties to buy as a long term investment.

But they have quite specific requirements, according to real estate agents. Access to an international airport, security and modern facilities all matter.

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So just for you to know we have safe and very safe investments for you. The land in certain areas of the Dominican Republic it has been a raising value since we know it offering great revenues and other advantages from the Dominican Government.

If you want to invest or move your investments from the stock market to a safer place until the storm is over… do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you not only to do the right investments we’ll help you to invest and make money on top of it.