Punta Bonita by digitalcocostudio.comHello readers. I am happy to write today about some of the good things Las Terrenas has to offer. Either if you are only a vacationist or an investor, or if you decide to move around the area for a while, you will find lots of good things you can do, that not so many places in the world will give you having it all so near by. We are not talking about going to the Opera or Shopping Malls, we are talking about wild nature.

I am not going to do the classic introduction since if you are already reading this is because you know a bit about the area so i will go straight to the point.The amount of nature all around Las Terrenas is just amazing. When you live there for a long time its something you may don’t realize but for sure as soon as you leave the area it will shock you how lucky you were.

Sports… Lets say the main sport followed by locals and visitors in the area is Kite Surf, Kiting in the clear waters of Las Terrenas will give you a sensation of freedom you wont regret. Not so crowdy for Kitesurfers as Cabarete which is well known as the best spot for kite in the whole Dominican Republic, and North Shore for the amount of good breeze they get during the whole year round, but Las Terrenas offers you fantastic spots, as Portillo Beach or Punta Popy as well as qualified IKO teachers that will make your learning process secure and fun.

Others sports can be found in the area as well like Fishing, Horse Riding, Scuba Diving, MTB, etc…The beaches of the whole Peninsula are the best of the country, for an instance, Playa Bonita, followed by Playa Coson (Coson Beach) will offer you kilometers of almost untouched beach and clear waters, this panorama will force you to walk through this almost untouched paradise, where you will find projects as Lomas de Coson, being builted right now or Sublime Samana working since last year.
But lets start in Playa Bonita, Playa Bonita is great to walk it down (and up), you will find a great Surf School,  it’s also a meeting point for the youngest surfers and not so young, located at the Hotel Acaya is for sure an spot to visit, Carolina Surf School.
The Hotels in Playa Bonita offers you great views right on the intimate beach as well as restaurants and beach bars. In Playa Bonita we find other hotels and classy Villas, as Villa Marcus, Villa Ines or Hotel Atlantis, famous by it’s french kitchen its a must place for romantic couples looking for that special spot to have some quiet dinner or lunch.
Right after Hotel Atlantis we almost reach the end of Playa Bonita then we arrive in Playa Coson, it’s said by locals that the beginning of Coson is locally called Playa Cristal, just imagine why is called like that…. this is another spot for you to walk and take pictures of that unforgettable beach. Romantic swimming its highly recommended on this spot.
In Coson Beach you will find Los Nomadas, tropical design Villas Beach Front with living rooms ending on an infinite pools  followed by green grass and then the sea, yes it sounds as good as it looks.
Dos Rios by
Also in Coson Beach, a bit further and after Dos Rios, you will find Casa Luis, a fine Dominican restaurant really old school where all Terreneros foreigners or locals go to eat and chill, food is very good and the location is insuperable. Last time I was there they had a small protected area reserved for a turtle to give birth, Isn’t it sweet?

Right after Luis there is a cozy Hotel named Casa Cosón, I recommend this Hotel for a relaxing stay or for celebrating a weeding or any kind of event that requires a bit of intimacy at a very special spot.

We are still in Coson Beach and a bit further we find the classy and “best of the best” beach club of The Peninsula House hotel; The Beach. This gift of life is open for hotel guests as well as for visitors, normally you don’t need to make any reservation during weekdays but if going during the weekend or a long weekend I recommend you to book in advance.
At The Beach you will find the best service available in the area followed buy the exclusivity of being served in the middle of an almost virgin beach, any cocktail of your choice, Gin and Tonic or Bloody Mary is recommended by me, and if hungry, the house chef will cook for you delicate recipes that will make you suddenly realize life is beautiful.For the most exclusive The Peninsula House will offer you with out a doubt the highest quality service a Hotel in the Dominican Republic can offer you, including an Helicopter pick up service at your disposal. This exclusive 6 room guest house has been awarded by the the Conde Nast Traveller guide as one of the ten Best Hotels in the whole world, after this last words said I don’t need to add anything else.
Desserts and Coffee At The Beach
Of course is plenty of more choices around Playa Coson but I’m telling you about my experience, this is what I recommend for my readers since I think is the best. I will continue talking about other beaches and other areas, business, cozy hotels and plans to do. For today I leave it here, its time to run to the beach.